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Heather Dunn, Associate Vice President, Finance - Revenue Cycle Business Office
719 Thompson Lane, Suite 30330
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Patients with billing questions can call 615-936-0910

Revenue Cycle Business Office

What we do

The Revenue Cycle Central Business Office is located at One Hundred Oaks and has over 200 team members dedicated to the resolution and capture of Accounts Receivable. Key functions of the Business Office include Payer Enrollment, Claims Billing, Insurance Follow-Up, Denial Management and Appeals, Payments, Refunds, Cashiers, and Audits. Team members specialize in complex administrative and technical reimbursement rules associated with producing clean claims and fulfilling regulatory and contracted payer edits along with numerous other billing and/or payment requirements.

Payor Enrollment- Responsible for enrolling all credentialed providers into contracted and government plans by completing all paper or electronic applications needed for more than forty different insurance companies. This team is responsible for ensuring that all documentation is received from the departments within Vanderbilt and other outside entities for enrollment.

Claims Billing- Responsible for the submission of claims to payors for professional and technical charges. This team monitors pre-billing edits designed to verify specific coding, compliance, and payor reimbursement rules.

Insurance Follow-up/Denial Management and Appeals- The insurance collections team follow up with insurance companies and third party payors for accurate and timely reimbursement on outstanding healthcare claims for professional and technical claims.

Payments and Cashiers- The payments team is responsible for reconciliation of daily deposits received through electronic funds transfer and bank lockbox, and posting of payments and insurance contractual adjustments by electronic remittance advice and paper remittances. This team also facilitates completion of EOB scanning for document imaging system archival and future retrieval.

Refunds-The refunds team preforms account audits based on review of credit balance reports, insurance company recoveries and individual patient requests, to ensure timely and accurate repayment of credit balances.