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Sarah Dillard, Director – RC Analytics & Billing Mgmt
Starr Hollyfield, Sr. Administrative Assistant
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Revenue Cycle Analytics and Billing Management

What we do

Revenue Cycle Analytics & Management Services consists of over 60 staff primarily located at One Hundred Oaks that includes Revenue Cycle Management, Revenue Cycle Analytics, and Underpayment Recoveries.

The mission of the Revenue Cycle Management team (formerly known as Physician Billing Services) is to ensure revenue cycle processes – technical and professional – are operating at optimal levels to accelerate cash while operating within billing compliance guidelines. The core services of the team are regular monitoring of charge capture, denials prevention, accounts receivable, and reimbursement. They also monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and provide feedback to the departments in regularly scheduled Key Statistic meetings. The team serves as the primary liaison with the Clinical Departments for billing and collections of professional and technical services and coordination of any needed process improvements.

The Revenue Cycle Analytics team provides support for revenue cycle initiatives through the extraction and analysis of data from both Epic and Medipac through the use of Business Objects reporting. Their primary role is working with the VMG departments to monitor their EPIC revenue and to identify trends and opportunities for improvement. In collaboration with the Revenue Cycle Management and VMG Coding teams, the analysts review key performance indicators and regularly meet with departmental leadership to discuss performance. In addition, the team is assigned to various special projects that support all areas of the VUMC Business Office.

Additionally, Underpayment Recoveries is responsible for the identification and appeals of underpaid claims for both Medipac and EPIC, while HR and Finance functions such as Administrative Support, Legal, and Vendor Management are also provided within this department.