Vanderbilt University Medical Center Finance

Joseph Kemble, Manager – Treasury/Cash Management
3319 West End Ave., Suite 600
(615) 322-1493

Debt Management

The Treasury Department works to minimize the cost of capital while avoiding excess risk by issuing a diverse portfolio of debt including tax-exempt public bonds, taxable public bonds and floating rate securities as well as direct placements with financial institutions. The Treasury Department conducts a comprehensive debt portfolio review no less than annually. VUMC public debt is rated by Moody’s.

All publically available information including agency reports for the VUMC is disclosed by DAC bond disclosure services including all disclosures required to be posted on EMMA. (Instructions to retrieve DAC Bond disclosure). If you don’t have access to DAC website, you will need to register free of charge.

If you would like to view the most recent Bond Disclosure Statements, click here.

At least annually the Treasury Department reviews the use of facilities funded via the proceeds of tax-exempt bond issuances accordance with IRS regulations. If you have questions about private business use of any VUMC facility or contracts related to revenue-sharing or profit-sharing terms, please contact Joseph Kemble.

To view the offering statements for our bonds, click here.