Vanderbilt University Medical Center Finance

Supply Chain: Purchasing

Travis Bradford


Refer to the Approved Supplier Guide to plan your purchase or to find a particular supplier. Once you've chosen the product/service and the supplier, refer to the recommended best method to BUY what you need. For more information on each of the buying methods, see the menu below.

Not sure who can answer your questions? For a complete list of Sourcing and Purchasing contacts please click here.

For a list of policies and procedures please visit Policy Tech

Recommended methods for Buying

eProcurement Requisition


  • Requisitions are processed using eProcurement for all items excluding medical supplies
  • Standard method for ordering all non-medical goods and services including complex capital and professional services
  • No dollar amount limits
  • Click here to enter eProcurement
  • eProcurement Training

PMM/Materials Management


1180/Check Request

  • 1180s - use for internal VUMC purchases or cross-charges. For more information on how to purchase from a particular department at VUMC, contact that department.
    Note: 1180s can no longer be used between VU & VUMC centers.
  • Demand Check - For specially designated purchases as determined by Disbursement Services.

Forms / Documents
(related to the BUY stage)


Who can sign my form or approve my purchase?
Learn how to look up Signature Authority (SigAuth) Information.