Vanderbilt University Medical Center Finance

John Gomillion, Assistant Director – Clinical Research Billing
719 Thompson Lane, Suite 30330
(615) 936-2086

Clinical Trials Billing Compliance Team

Medical services and devices related to the management of clinical trials or commercially sponsored trials are reviewed by the Clinical Trials Billing Compliance (CTBC) team based upon approved billing plans to verify charges as standard of care or research related. Study billing plans and audits of charges are managed in a system called FACTr (Financial Accountability and Compliance Tracking for Research).

CTBC and the Central Business Office work together to ensure that claims are compliant with CMS regulations for patients participating on clinical trials and often provide guidance to clinical departments regarding billing plan development and assignment of CPT codes as it relates to the performance of clinical protocols.

  • Link to Charge Integrity Page
  • Review and approve research billing plans
  • Study participant audits
  • Billing request work queues
  • Research Registration form Management
  • Research Customer Support
  • Epic Account Setup assistance
  • Billing plan change requests
  • Administrators of FACTr (Financial Accountability Tracking for Research)
  • Development/Knowledge