Vanderbilt University Medical Center Finance

Kim Coleman, Director – Charge Integrity
Lindsay Bransford, Associate Director – Charge Integrity

VUMC Finance - Charge Integrity

Charge Analytics and Chargemaster Team

The Charge Analytics and Chargemaster teams are focused on ensuring that technical charges for the hospitals and clinics are processed accurately, timely and completely. To accomplish this mission, the team members perform routine tasks that may identify opportunities for improving charge capture and billing processes. Lastly, the team serves as the CFO’s delegate for determining prices for all services.

Each of these critical functions serves as key control processes around the management of the revenue cycle for the hospitals and clinics.

  • Technical Charging Operations
    • Revenue Management Program (Charge Reconciliation)
      • Technical Charge Analysis
      • Write-off Reporting
      • Customer Support & Education
      • Audit Resolution
  • Chargemaster Management
    • Annual/Quarterly CPT, HCPCS & UB-04 Revenue Code Updates
      • Room & Bed Profile Updates
      • System Testing Setup
  • Point of Service Collection Reporting
Kim Coleman, CPA Director, Charge Integrity Charge Integrity and Clinical Trials Billing Compliance
Lindsay Bransford, MBA, CPC, CPMA, CPEDC Associate Director, Charge Integrity Charge Analytics and Chargemaster Teams
Oscar Torres Manager, Charge Analytics and Reporting Charge Analytics and Reporting Team
Vacant Position Manager Chargemaster Chargemaster Team