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Overview: Purchase-to-Pay process

Recommended Training Curriculum
View a recommended training curriculum for anyone involved in purchasing.

Purchasing and Payment Training List
Use the table below to find training resources to help you with a particular stage of your purchasing process:

Procurement & Disbursement Training
Title Description Link
Travel: The Travel Authorization Form Explains when and how to fill out the Travel Authorization form to receive approval for travel.
Travel: The Travel Prepayment Form Explains when and how to fill out the Request for registration, Hotel Deposit, and Super Saver forms to request a travel prepayment before traveling.
Travel: Traveling with Travel Advances Explains who uses travel advances, how to get set up to use travel advances, and how to report travel advances after returning from a trip.
Travel: Travel Website Training Explains how to use Vanderbilt's Travel Portal to plan and book travel.
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Check Request Training Manual Explains how to fill out the Check Request form to request a demand check reimbursement or payment to a third party on behalf of Vanderbilt.
Learning Exchange module instructs on how to use eProcurement to make purchases. Search for "eProcurement."
Financial Foundations Series (I, II, III) These classes are recommended for all Vanderbilt staff with financial responsibilities. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, budgeting, general ledger reconciliation, purchasing, and grants and contracts. (Note: These classes are series of three. Please be sure to register for classes in sequential order.)
How to Purchase at Vanderbilt Provides an in-depth overview of the purchase-to-pay process and teaches you how to determine the correct purchasing method for a given purchase. (Note: Financial Foundations I is a prerequisite.)
Stipends Information is on HR's Stipends website
Travel: Travel Expense Manual Shows you how to fill out the Travel Expense form to request reimbursement for travel expenses. (You have the option of using this printed guide or viewing the online training listed below.)
Travel: Online Travel Expense Training Online training showing you how to fill out the form to request reimbursement for travel expenses. (You have the option of viewing this online training or using the printed guide listed above.)
Travel: Travel Training Explains the policies and procedures for the entire process of planning, approving, booking, requesting reimbursement, and reporting for travel at Vanderbilt.
Coming soon!
Who can sign my form? (SigAuth) Explains how to ensure the correct person signs your requisition, Check Request, Stipend, or Travel form.

Checklist for receiving goods Lists steps to take when receiving items for yourself or on behalf of someone else in your department.
PCard Training Explains the policies regulating your PCard use and how to track and manage your PCard charges. (Note that you will be contacted directly by the PCard office for training once your application has been approved.)

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