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Procurement Card Training

VUMC Medical Center (VUMC) has established a Procurement Card (PCard) Program to provide expanded convenience and controls for low dollar purchases, and to establish a payment methodology that will support the future purchasing directions of internal and external transactions.

The VUMC PCard training is designed to provide PCard Cardholders and Managers:

  • An overview of the PCard program and policy
  • An understanding of the US Bank Access Online system
  • Awareness of VUMC’s internal controls
  • An understanding of weekly and monthly PCard responsibilities

To obtain a PCard at VUMC the PCard Cardholder and Manager must complete a PCard application, complete the series of PCard training, and pass an assessment.

PCard applications can be found here and must be sent to

Access PCard training by searching ‘PCard Training' in the Learning Exchange. To access the Learning Exchange, click here Cardholders and Managers must complete this training and pass the PCard Assessment.

PCard Role
Required Training Modules PCard Cardholder Managers
Medical Center Understanding Center and Account Number Training check.png check.png
Medical Center Procurement Card Overview check.png check.png
Medical Center Procurement Card Policy check.png check.png
Medical Center Procurement Card Access Online Training check.png check.png
Manager Responsibilities check.png
Assessment (PCard Users) check.png
Assessment (Manager) check.png
In person review and Q&A session (Optional) check.png check.png


PCard Application

VUMC PCard Website

Procurement Card Policy

Access Online Quick Guide


PCard Class Activity