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eSMART Training for Clinical Trials Charge Reconciliation

The eSMART Training for Clinical Trials Reconciliation is designed to provide VUMC Research Team members with the tools and perspective necessary to manage financial responsibilities. These responsibilities include modifying billing plans/grids, submitting pricing requests, general and billing requests, and weekly reconciliation of charges. Tools covered in this training include eSMART, BI Launchpad (Business Objects), and FACTr.


This training is required for Research Team members with Financial Responsibilities (including reconciliation) who work with Clinical Trials.

FACTr to eSMART Crosswalk:

Change Request Billing Request General Request Pricing Request
Modifications Service: Billing Request Service: General Request My Pricing Requests in StarBrite


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Online Courses:
  • eSMART for Clinical Trials Charge Reconciliation
  • eSMART Requests
  • eSMART Modifications
Classroom Courses:
  • eSMART Training for Clinical Trials Charge Reconciliation

Quick Guides/Resources:

eSMART Resource Website

eSMART Pricing Request

eSMART Modifications

eSMART Service: Billing Requests

eSMART Service General Requests

Charge Reconciliation Key Points

Charge Reconciliation Checklist

Charge Reconciliation Reports Guide


Charge Reconciliation Report Column Descriptions

Sample Report for Training

How to locate archived Clinical Trials Charge Reconciliation Reports

Mapping Personal Drive for PC Users

Mapping Personal Drive for MAC Users

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