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VUMC Financial Training
Jasmyn Ashley, Sr. Learning Specialist
2525 West End Ave., Suite 214
(615) 875-3322


In order to facilitate the VUMC Medical Center Budget process, eBudget training is offered to Budget Creators and Reviewers prior to the annual budget release


This class should be attended by anyone responsible for creating, reviewing or approving VUMC Budgets in the eBudget system.

CPE: CPE credit is available to CPAs for all eBudget training.

Course Description:

This course covers how to create budgets using VUMC’s eBudget system. In addition to eBudget system training, this course outlines the budget process including:

  • Tips on what data and financial reports to gather to facilitate the budget creation process
  • Statistical & Volume Accounts
  • Budgeting Personnel Expenses
  • Budgeting for Non-Personnel Expenses, including fixed and variable expenses
  • Budget reporting
  • The Budget submission and approval process

Note: There are separate classes for Hospital & Clinic areas versus Medical Center Administration (MCA) departments. If you are unsure of which class applies to your department, please contact Michael Rhodes at 875-3322.

Delivery Method: Instructor-led Training

Length of Training: 2 ½ hours

Prerequisite: Financial Foundations preferred

Access (Required): eBudget Creator, Reviewer, Approver and Business Objects Budget Universe

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