Vanderbilt University Medical Center Finance


Before access is given to Workforce Analytics (WFAN), WFAN training is required.

Training Classes

Training is required to receive access to WFAN. Once you complete the Pegasus ticket requesting access, you will be automatically enrolled in the course and receive an email instructing you to select a session. Note that to attend one of the interactive, virtual sessions of this monthly course, it is also required that you have dual monitor capabilities. If you do not have dual monitor capabilities, please contact to attend one of the sessions in our on-campus training room.

This class offers hands-on training on:

  • What is productivity management?
  • Why is productivity management important?
  • How to run and analyze Kronos analytics reports and dashboards

If you have any questions regarding class registration or scheduling, please do not hesitate to contact VUMC Financial Training at

  • Submit a Pegasus ticket (Kronos Security Request) to start the process of getting access to application and to be enrolled in training
  • All Training and Support calls to be offered via Zoom and will receive link a day prior to training
  • To better assist you, you can send questions in advance to