Vanderbilt University Medical Center Finance

Kronos Workforce Analytics (WFAN)

Kronos Workforce Analytics will help the organization improve its analytics and forecasting capability around labor management.

Improving the way VUMC measures productivity is important since healthcare revenue growth continues to be modest and cost growth needs to stay at or below that rate so VUMC can continue to thrive. With labor costs comprising 58% of our operating expense, automating our labor productivity process provides the organization with an opportunity to better manage our expenses as we continue our commitment to improving patient care. This solution ensures we have a consistent platform and data to measure our productivity results across the organization.

This new Kronos solution will automate our current labor productivity process and eliminate manual calculations for productivity.

WFAN is a tool designed to assist frontline leaders to manage their productive hours to the work available using historical trends with the ability to match with benchmarking data. The tool contains rich decision support capabilities that integrate with VandyWorks* and with our upgraded Kronos time and attendance system and Epic volumes. It allows managers to easily analyze overtime, current and planned staffing and other aspects of labor on a daily and biweekly basis.

With Workforce Analytics, frontline leaders will have their productivity results daily on their desktop via the Kronos Workforce Central portal. In addition, an official measurement at the end of each biweekly pay period will be calculated by the application and easily reviewed by frontline leaders. Daily information will be only as accurate as daily maintenance by each department, such as entering non-productive time.

WFAN will be rolled out to all departments at VUMC’s hospitals and clinics, including adult, psychiatric, children’s and Wilson County. In phase II, VUMC will introduce the new tool to medical center administration and the Academic Enterprise (all phases are for staff only and excludes faculty).

*VandyWorks data not available, integration remains in progress