Vanderbilt University Medical Center Finance

Privilege Management

Privilege Management is a web application that combines People, Privileges and Resources (cost centers, home departments, etc) to create Privilege Assignments, which are permissions that control access & authority within numerous Financial, HR, Procurement and other web applications or business processes throughout Vanderbilt. Centralized and Decentralized Administrators for Vanderbilt University and VUMC also use Privilege Management as part of the access process for a variety of Business Objects universes. Additionally, anyone with one or more active privileges can use Privilege Management to view their own privileges, the privileges of others using Person Search, or use Resource Search to answer questions such as, "who can sign this form?" or "who can grant privileges on this Cost Center /Home Dept?"


Policies and Procedures:

Security Request Forms:


The Privilege Management application has a corresponding Business Objects reporting universe. The Privilege Management ("PM") universe allows users to access a variety of Signature Authorization ("SigAuth") reports as well as a selection of privilege Audit Trail reports. These reports are available online through the BI launch pad. To request access to the Privilege Management universe, simply complete the Business Objects Access Request Form.


Training for Privilege Management for Non-Administrators is offered through the Financial Foundations series. For more information, as well as class registration, click here.

Centralized and Decentralized Administrators for Vanderbilt University and Medical Center use the Privilege Management web application to grant access to many of the applications used throughout the Financial, Procurement, and Human Resources areas. Do to the significance of these roles, all Administrators should attend Privilege Management for Administrators Training.

For more information relating to Contracting, Delegation of Authority, and Privilege Management, click here to view the 2016 information session presentation.