Vanderbilt University Medical Center Finance

******Release Update on 11/2/2018******

Business Objects Users:

Business Objects and BI Launch Pad will be available beginning tomorrow (Friday November 3) for the new eStar environment. If you had access to the Epic universe reports under the old system you will have access under the new system. The former Epic universe provided Professional Billing (PB) information. In the new system the universe that provides eStar PB information is named “Epic Professional Billing - Transaction Activity.”

The process of using BI Launch Pad is identical to the previous environment. You can continue to use the Categories view (which is the default for most users) to find reports. If you previously found reports through the Folders view that is still available.

As of now only reports identified as critical for go-live are available. The plan is to progressively add reports as needed by the customer base. In general, report names will be the same in the new system.

As Business Objects under eStar is sourced from the eStar system, data will be available in reports for November 2 and forward. Data from prior to go-live will still be available in the current BI Launch Pad.

User prompts

Many Epic reports use prompts for users to customize what results are included in a report. Prompts may be on fields like date, provider, business unit, etc. Prompts are still used in the new system, but some fields have changed. For example, a prompt on Revenue Location in the old system will now be on Financial Division.