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Vanderbilt's Travel Agency - World Travel

Vanderbilt’s travel agency is World Travel and their dedicated professionals will help employees with their travel needs by providing personalized support via phone or email. Vanderbilt employees must use World Travel to book business travel. Employees may book directly with an agent or through the Concur online booking tool. World Travel is fully integrated with the Concur travel and expense tool, providing traveling employees with excellent, easy-to-use technology tools.

Please contact a travel agent when making complex domestic air or any international air reservations, and when changing existing, ticketed reservations by calling 1.877.549.1570 24 hours a day.


Concur Training

Concur Solutions, Inc. provides a one-stop, online tool for Vanderbilt University business travel booking and expense reimbursement.  Below we have provided some quick training modules designed specifically to assist with Getting Started and Booking Reservations within Concur.

Updating Your Profile

Exploring the My Concur Home Page

Changing a trip (after purchase)

Cloning a Travel Reservation

Sharing a Travel Reservation


FAQ's: Booking Your Trip

What TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Regulations should I be aware of when booking a trip? The name on a traveler's state/government issued photo ID must match the name on the airline ticket. Therefore, when completing your Concur pofile please ensure that the name you enter in the TSA section of your profile matches the state/government-issued photo ID that you will be presenting at the airport. Failure to do so can hinder your ability to travel. Date of birth and gender are required to book travel. You must fill out these fields in your Personal Profile to comply with TSA's (Travel Security Administration) Secure Flight program.

How do I capture frequent flyer miles when booking? Enter your frequent flier and other travel reward program numbers in your Concur Profile in the online tool and your miles will automatically be applied when you book air travel.

Does the Concur tool include Southwest Airlines´ flights? Yes, all of Southwest´s airfares - Business Select, Anytime and Wanna Get Away rates should appear in Concur.

How do I book a hotel that is designated as the preferred location for a conference? If that hotel and rate is available in the Concur tool it should be booking in the tool. If the conference organizer has a dedicated website or special rate available to conference attendees you can book using the conference website or housing bureau.

Will Wolrd Travel or Concur notify me if there is a change in flight schedule? If you opt-in for notification when filling out your Concur profile and/or have signed up to receive notifications through the free Tripit Pro app then you should be notified via phone, text message or email when travel changes occur.

How do I get support if I am stranded during my business travels? Call one of our dedication travel agents at World Travel at 1.877.549.1570.