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Application Process

  1. Complete the 2 page PCard application. All fields on the applications are required for an application to be processed by the VUMC Payment Cards Team.  Please read the cardholder agreement carefully before signing. 
  2. Obtain all the appropriate signature authorizations as specified on the application.  The PCard Manager must be in a position of authority relative to the Cardholder (or Card Trustee) or not directly supervised by the Cardholder/Trustee.  Please follow the approval process as defined by your department's leadership. PCard applications must be final approved by the Privilege Approver for your home department. Home Department Privilege Approvers are assigned within the Privilege Management (PM) system.
  3. Submit the application to the Payment Cards Team, 1301 Medical Center Drive, TVC B706-A, Nashville, TN 37232-5336. (Internal Mail: B-706-A TVC, Campus Zip 5617)
  4. Required Training: Once the application has been processed, a member of the Payment Cards Team will email the Cardholder/Trustee and Card Manager with upcoming training dates. All Cardholders/Trustees and Card Managers are required to attend training before receiving their PCard.  Please review the VUMC PCard Policy & Procedures document before attending training.
  5. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the VUMC Payment Cards Team at